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VeryConnect responsive non-profit management software

VeryConnect’s Non-profit Management Software is based on an online platform. You can connect with your community wherever you are. Our online system is safe and reliable. We store all information over encrypted channels using secure technologies.

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Your non-profit is unique. Choose the features you need and we will integrate them for you. Get in touch with our team today and we will guide you through the process.

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VeryConnect non-profit management software testimonial
"The single biggest reason I recommend VeryConnect is the outstanding quality of their work. Our membership management software is reliable and secure, as well as intuitive and easy to use. VeryConnect has worked collaboratively with us from the start of the project to ensure that the software meets our needs, and they continue to do so". 

Dr Adina Dudau, New Researchers Coordinator, International Research Society for Public Management

What will our Non-Profit Management Software mean to you?

All In One Place

VeryConnect gathers all the information and tools you need in one place. We help you to
make non-profit management easy.

Increase Advocacy

Engage your community online. Forums, social area, and access to opportunities can give your stakeholders additional value that will influence your reputation.

Boost Fundraising

An engaged community wants to give back. Our donor management and fundraising tools makes giving back easy wherever you are.

Talk with us to learn more about how our non-profit management software can help you.

Rank Foundation
University of Glasgow
International Research Society for Public Management
Saltire Foundation